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06-04-10 - Bluprints in de Benelux!

Na Zuid-Afrika, Australië, Mauritius en Singapore is Bluprints nu ook gestart in de Benelux.

Een greep uit onze internationale klanten.

“Bluprints is simply the best mechanism we have ever used to help us drive a high performance culture in our business.
Not only did the people enjoy the process, but it is now an integral way of our management processes. Bluprints is an indispensable tool to shape the culture of our business and to ensure our people are focused on enhancing our business’ performance. I have no doubt there is a direct link between the Bluprints process we have implemented and increased professional staff retention levels. I can see a direct correlation between the scores we achieve in our scoring process and the profitability in the various parts in our business. Bluprints is therefore a great predictive tool.

We are so convinced of the value of Bluprints that we have decided to launch it as an offering in our Deloitte Consulting service portfolio.”
Louis Geeringh, CEO Deloitte Consulting SA,

“Being part of a global organization makes it difficult to identify what works for a specific region/country. The process of identifying our formula has helped to bring all stakeholders in the business together to identify what makes us tick down here in Africa!!
After a great deal of initial skepticism and logistical challenges – all handled professionally and very patiently by the Bluprints team – we have WOWED the organization with this innovative and creative approach for driving the success of our business. The true value in this process is that it deals with all issues - “soft” AND “hard” - and as such gets buy-in from all players.

We look forward to the ongoing positive impact that this awesome tool will have on our business.  The opportunities are endless!!

Roz Sandham,HR Director McDonald’s South Africa,